inspired by an old gentle man

作者:周星 发布:2017-10-07

With a single bamboo dish of rice, a single gourd dish of drink, and living in his mean narrow lane, while others could not have endured the distress, he did not allow his joy to be affected by it. - 《Confucian Analects》

This is one of the most famous sentence in Confucian Analects, which tells a story about Confucius highly praising his favourite pupil: Yan Hui, who could enjoy himself even in severe environment, today I would like to introduce our star by this sentence, who make me feel exactly match it.

It was a night I went outside my community, and found an old man was sitting under street lamp, turned his back on road, immersed in a book, at that time I've already walked by, then I realised I must go back and record this touching moment.



Sorry for didn't ask his permission as I didn't want anything disturbed him, I know there maybe many reasons why he was here and did this, might not as I expected, however I prefer believe wonderful things in the world, After I back home I asked myself, do I really enjoy learning? do I learn just for something but happiness? will I still enthusiastic about it even if as old as this gentle man?

Sometimes I wonder how wonderful it will be if I could sit in front of my laptop and play whatever fucking games for a whole day or week, so in my heart I'm still a little lazy boy, who loves playing games, watching movies, listening music or whatever, anything just don't require physical or mental effort. but the thing is I "have to" learn, enlarge vocabulary, program stuff, psychology, history, English listening comprehension and so on, so learning is a habit for me, can not say it's enjoyable, I got a sort of strict learning schedule everyday, like mission in computer games, what most user do is complete it and get experience, then level up, beat others, and never end.

Anyway learning is not a bad habit, one day your habit may become the necessity of your life

I guess if everyone ask themselves, do I enjoy learning? The majority would have negative answer, trace to its source, I would blame it on our education, just from we were a child, our family, teachers, experienced relatives, they always told us something like: "only if you study hard, then you could enter a better college, and definitely have a better future life", or "study harder now, you will have lots of chances to have fun in your college", people always say learning is painful but you have to, rather than learning will cheer us up, I believe the nature of learning is not for so called "golden house" or "pretty woman", it must be joyful, otherwise how can Yan Hui loves learning so much? how comes so many ancient scholars took learning as their lifelong pursuit? 

Chen Yinque, Zeng Guofan, they keep reading even after they become blind.

So does exercise, we always hear "exercise make you fit" not "exercise make you happy". there are many things are interesting, however our thoughts make them lose their nature。

 whether it is "I should" or "I like" really mattered. what do you think?