Long Live Pricing

作者:周星 发布:2017-10-07

When I was in a project in BeiJing last year(2016), I expressed my burning desire for a ruby based project, then on a sunny day in May I got a call from BeiJing office resource manager, I was told there is a ruby project in Xi'an, it will be a long term business trip if I decide to go, and I have to face to client's interview and so on, actually I didn't care about those stuff at all as long as it is a ruby project, then after a short break in ChengDu, I joined this team: Pricing

Everything was totally new to me when I first came here, a truly agile environment, extremely pursue highest quality code, all english environment, many technologies I never heard before, no permanent role but permanent rule, delivery lead is a top notch in ruby industry, so many things made me stressed and, excited, I still remember the day I introduced myself to clients, I even hardly speak a complete sentence, everyday I had to write down what I suppose to say during standup meeting, then practised in mind several times in advance, so that my english could sound not that bad.

in addition, I was subjected to my probation, it's quite different from what I heard in my last project, where everyone pass it without concern, I even never heard people do interview++, however here is very strict and many failed examples, it's a real one, I received feedback from my teammates every month, I had to keep improving all the time and make it measurable so that people can feel it, I spared no time to learn, tech stack, the way of doing things, english, it helped me form a habit, even after probation became history, thank you, my teammates, your feedback is pertinent and helped me a lot.

I've always thinking that interview++ shouldn't only for probation, but for everyone, I see lots of people muddle through daily work, who in probation is always the most effective one in a team.

One day I somehow got the news, two of our team members were gonna to quit, one will study abroad, anther one decided to join a startup, I feel OK even I don't want them to leave, as we still have 5 people includes me in this team, we still could make it. the scene they say goodbye left deep impression on me, while all clients gather together in VC, showed gratitude for their contribution, gave them their heartfelt best wishes, I wondered what will it be when I am leaving one day? will people appreciate my hardworking like this? or just leave as nothing happen, no impact on everything?

the day Jiaji left:


I didn't expect two people's leaving is just a beginning, just after a couple of days, two team members submitted their resignation, meanwhile another one intensely want to rolloff and join another project, or whatever a project, oh my god how can it be? we are just a 7 people team, everyone has left or is leaving except me and a so-called team lead?

at that time I have already worked for over two months, actually I started to suspect something the very first week I came here, the very second week my suspicion was confirm by what I've seen and experienced, I must say it's a very tough time for me, frankly, I was rather disappointed, you know that feeling: when you deeply believe something, however it is just what you believe let you down, it's hard to believe this kind of thing could happen in such a "fair", "free" organisation, it's harder to believe people I respect allow it develops, where is the "feedback"? what they advocate are all bullshit?

I'm not a brave man, I just had no choice in comparison with them, roll off again? even quit? forget about it, I just started private one to one conversation, expressed severely dissatisfaction and asked for advise sincerely, at beginning I just expected it could switch my emotions. on one hand it didn't work, as it didn't eliminate my helplessness, sometimes I had to comfort myself, it reminds me of Li HongZhang, who devote himself to a unstable dynasty under a terrible circumstance, on the other hand it works, and pretty well, since it boosted the final result happens, in short, we got a new team lead, a client who business trip in Xi'an join our team. a Thai guy in, so did a grad, 6 people in total.

last day in old office, posed with our places


first day in new office


I guess I am using too much space describing that period, sorry I don't write this article for judging, I am still learning from it. alright let's move to a new chapter, after that period everything went towards correct direction, people had strong faith, everyone has healthy personality, contributed with abilities, what's more, we were unprecedented united, that really means a lot to me, you enjoy your working time, love to spend time with them, we help each other, try our best to create opportunity that other's need, love each other, at here it's more like a family rather than colleagues, until pricing's last day, and so does our relationship with our clients, the first time poor Fred them came here, the night people went to KTV with no one accompanied them, so f*cking ridiculous, is it? in comparison this year Shadi them came here, we hangout everyday till midnight with a lot of fun, make them at home, I even felt empty when they were leaving, that's really memorable.

Speak of our clients, I always believe they are the most lovely and nicest people in the world, I even describe them better than "parents", they pay you, smile to you, encourage you, coach you, never punish you and totally trust you, sometimes even your parents say bad words if you made mistake s or let them down, the first word I learn from them is "awesome!", whatever you did will all get an "awesome!", that's totally different from what I experienced before, in my last workplace, everyone is allowed to issue requirement and set deadline against poor devs, devs are at the bottom of the ladder, wait to be exploited and always complaining, while people here can not be more understandable, they care your feeling more than everything, which takes me a while to get used to, anyway, they are my lifelong friends.

fred group


Shadi group people



moments in pricing(from my personal perspective):

TongTong was "assigned" as my "buddy", at the very first day, he took me to a kind of famous local restaurant to taste a local cuisine: Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup(羊肉泡馍), since then my life here was full of wheaten food, all kinds of noodles and bread though I am not a proper fun of that. to tell the truth, they taste pretty good, just my stomach don't like them.

The first day Theesit introduced himself: "my name is theesit, you can call me Jo, I am open to everything", I was wondering about his "I am open to everything", how open are you? and everyone call him Theesit instead of Jo.

there is upon a time I pair with Ni on LPSR, I spent two days or so accomplish it roughly, while after she review that, she told me seriously: "you know we've through a lot to achieve our clients trust, while your code may destroy that", then she redesigned it and I spent a weekend implementing.

ni's last day


the first away day I and FuGang escape from "high-end" sessions which we never understand, and climb ZhongNan mountain, our first time to ride a horse, we been to where Lao Tzu sermon to his believers or students, and we took photos with two kind aged man.

awayday with fugang


the day Ni and her fiance invited us to Baoji, the night we drunk until 3pm in hotel, video chat with Fugang who cannot come, talked a lot which we don't have chance to, at the very next day her fiance drove us inside Qinling Mountains through a very dangerous sky way, he's really awesome.

in hotel


Qinling moutains:


Jian took team lead shoes at a critical and difficult moment, frankly I never expect he can make it or we can make it, but he did, and he always consider from our perspective instead of stupid standard, I must say he earns my lifelong respect.

Jian and Xueliang spent only two days finishing an APP, which with a fascinate UI, totally shocked me.

One day after a session we talked about something, Ke mentioned something is bullshit, I was surprised: "Ke is smart", sorry can not give specific.

Ke supervise I coding


Qingbo is the guy I admire most, as he is always doing things in no hurry, and always smile, never say bad words even speak loudly, I jealous his trait very much, and he is both smart and skilled in party, what an amazing guy!

qingbo with his luxury car


last moment of pricing


there are so many words I want to speak, and so many highlights I would like to write down, one year and a half, a man's career is supposed from his 24 to 64, 40 years, I've worked 3 years, how lucky I am to have half in pricing team! I've never expected I would be fortunate to experience that, it's not easy to find something you really love in your life, the people in pricing, are not perfect, and will never be perfect, but we always contribute, that means this team is perfect, it is us make it perfect, in any case pricing is on my "favorite" list, at this very moment I would like to kiss everything labeled pricing, pricing is more than a team name, it is something with friendship, life, and love.

Long Live Pricing, I love you guys, I love you all