Someone is leaving today

作者:周星 发布:2017-10-07

It's yongmin's official leaving day, for me it's like the end of an era when he told me his decision.

When I first here, one day I was so furious at something, or someone's behavior, so sorry here I can't give specific, as he's our client, and we didn't know much about each other at that time, base on some principles I'd better not talk something sensitive to him, however on the way back to home, I pour out all my feelings because I believe he is the guy who has clear mind, as expected he'd not been shocked at all, he told me he knew that already, and then comforted me as a friend rather than a client, I know we'll be friend from then.

it's not we usually do things together make us friends, but we're friends so we usually do things together

There was a time all my teammates travel to Melbourne except me, while I was still kind of new in team, as you know the others were to dedicate in business with clients, so I was supposed to in charge of story cards more, I really thought it'll be a very tough time for me, I was so anxious, worried about everything and had no confidence, however it's him made everything easy and colourful, everyday I not only learnt a lot from him but also contributed to team within limit work time, that was so amazing, on top of that he also urged me to join Chinese stock market seriously, which takes me into another industry and broarden my horizon very much! "this is a time to pick money up, trust me", I felt the empressement in his eyes, I did it then it did came true, so even got impressive money everyday, he never forgot me when there is good thing from beginning to end, I must say that two weeks is one of my happiest time here, how I wish my teammates would stay in Melbourne forever and never come back.

exercise and study, two most critical things for young people - Yongmin

I never treat him as client but a coach, an intimate friend, in turn he's willing to transfer all his knowledge and experience and lessons to me, you know sometimes a word from an experienced people could make a young's life changed, how lucky I have a period when I could enjoy those words everyday, push me run fast, pursuit higher goal, have courage to try, form my own style, I know he's smarter, braver, and has stronger mind, I'll never achieve what he achieved, but it does make me getting better everyday, that's more than enough.

I know I'm not skilled, but I know who is, so I follow them, sometimes it's really helpful. - XingZhou

Just after that sensitive event occur, I kind of had a not good prediction, about our work, about everyone's future career, allright let us not speak of this matter, I felt hurt as he didn't get what he deserve. I feel very secure with his company on weekday since I always believe he can make everything, anyway, that event changed everything, I tend to believe it's mean to happen.

together for a long time to divide, long period of division - 《Romance of the Three Kingdoms》

With time goes by he had to back to Melbourne office, I really want to gift him something, there is no doubt what he did for me is invaluable, cannot be weighed in the scale of dollars and cents, finally I gifted him a Kindle, "good good study, day day up", that moment still touch me.

"xing ye, go for it!" - The day Yongmin left Xi'an


Last time I did presentation to customer executives, I specially showed a photo to everyone, which is about he was very sick but insist on code diff with us, instead of back home and having a good rest, I could see the "bling bling" in his eyes everytime when he talked about technology, that presents a deep love from a developer, or technicist, for his work, for his career, for his true love, if there exists something called "geek spirit", I think that is.


Too much old things while I wouldn't list here, it probably the only chance for me to work with such a talented, hard-working ... guy, I must say I admire him, respect him, and will appreciate it forever. good luck, yongmin. if one day I am fortunate to achieve something, I owe it all to you.